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Overseas Incentives


Today employees are asked to do more, faster, with fewer resources which can lead to a lack of appreciation, leading to a drop in performance, leading to a need to foster recognition.

A well designed travel incentive programme can raise the performance of individuals and sales teams.

Non cash rewards are perceived by many as more valuable especially if they come in the form of an activity, lifestyle or travel reward, for a number of reasons:-

  • They may be more difficult to value and that ambiguity adds to the attraction
  • They may be regarded as luxuries that a participant cannot justify purchasing
  • They have a ‘trophy value’ – people love to talk about where they have been in the world - Photographs provide lasting memories about the trip and recognise the performance and respect which they have earned in the company.


Companies operate in a very competitive market in today’s climate, so it is vital to keep close to your customers.

Well designed incentive programmes provide the opportunity to build relationships with your distributors, resellers and retailers.

Time spent away from the office provides the opportunity to gather valuable customer feedback information and maintain an ongoing marketing dialogue with your channels.

At Eventscape we can design programmes to match the profile of your participants, taking into account the practical issues of safety, ease of access and budgets.

Our experienced staff have extensive knowledge of all the locations and countries we recommend. In most cases we have carried out site visits and set up arrangements with local ground agents.

Our overseas incentive programmes offer something of interest to everyone, even the most discerning traveller, as we try and organise activities ‘outside of the box’.

The attention of your VIP clients will certainly be grabbed by invitations to try Husky Racing, Snowmobiling or Porsche driving on the icescapes of Lapland or perhaps even a Space Adventure with a Mig25 flight in Russia?

We recommend allowing 4 days and 3 nights for our programmes.

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